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dpu_scenesters' Journal

Sunday, September 19, 2004


i forgot i was still a member of this community.

on that note, uic sucks.


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Sunday, May 2, 2004


welcome to depaul, where all my nightmares come true; this communtiy sucks.

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

2:20AM - haha

this community is pretty dead

oh and i'm still really scene

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004


i'm starting a chingy cover band, let me know if you want in.

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Friday, February 13, 2004

7:23PM - yay, vaginas

Vagina Monologues, 2/22
V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. Through V-Day campaigns, local volunteers and college students produce annual benefit performances of "The Vagina Monologues" to raise awareness and funds for anti-violence groups within their own communities. All proceeds benefit Apna Ghar, Friends of Battered Women and Their Children, and V-Day's Spotlight on Missing & Murdered Women in Juarez, Mexico.

Co-sponsored by DePaul University's Academic Resource Center, Anthropology Department, Communications Department, Latin American and Latino Studies Program, Study Abroad Program, Theatre School, The Women's Center, Women and Gender Studies Program, and LunaBar

Tickets are $10 or pay what you can
Sunday, Feb 22, 7 & 10pm, Student Center / Room 120, 2250 N. Sheffield
Reservations and more info: call 312.362.6769 or send an email to ticketsdepaul@yahoo.com

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Thursday, February 5, 2004

6:35PM - this monday

monday feburary 9th 2K4

documentary about african americans in the hardcore scene.
SAC 154
7 pm

i will be holding hands with bill smiles

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

10:29PM - fuck yeah

WED. JAN. 28

Fireside Bowl - 7PM

if you're hardcore and you don't like pelican...duh, shutup.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004


who is dorkygal and why is she tainting our info?

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2:44PM - Word.

So you all need to come to my friends' show on Sunday at the Fireside, at 5 pm. Maggie's coming, but Sam and Neal should really come with too. Ya douchebags.


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11:48AM - and another show but none of you like hardcore it's ok

DePaul Non-Profit Productions presents...

friday january 23rd, 2004

RAMMER (At The Gates styled thrash metal - not HC - from toronto. ex Left For Dead, Chokehold and Uranus)

DAMAGE DEPOSIT (from minneapolis. fast HC punk. Havoc Records)

HEAD HITS CONCRETE (ultra fast grindcore from winnipeg, ex members of Swallowing Shit if you remember them)

HE WHO CORRUPTS (about as crazy as it gets, fuckers)

DESTROY THE FOUNDATION (Disrupt-esque mania with some Sabbath influence. ex Suburban Refugee & Frontside)


at DePaul University
McGaw Hall - room 130 (in basement)
802 W. Belden - Chicago, IL - 60614

show is in the building that looks like a cheese grater and is at the intersection of Fullerton, Halsted, and Lincoln.

Easily accessible via CTA
take halsted bus and get off at the fullerton/lincoln stop
take red line (or brown or purple line) to Fullerton, walk east out of the station you'll see the building...


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11:29AM - get fakes.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

12:15AM - 11:45 Monroe Conversations

emptyyourwrists (11:42:38 PM): i named the lunch crew
emptyyourwrists (11:43:04 PM): i gave the thing shape
emptyyourwrists (11:43:06 PM): and focus
earthto billy (11:44:03 PM): blah blah
emptyyourwrists (11:44:19 PM): i'm like president
earthto billy (11:44:23 PM): hahaha
emptyyourwrists (11:44:26 PM): you're lucky if your secretary of state
earthto billy (11:44:28 PM): i am
earthto billy (11:44:44 PM): i hate you
earthto billy (11:44:48 PM): i am vice president
earthto billy (11:45:03 PM): no, fuck this vice shit, i am THE MOTHER EFFING PRESIDENT
earthto billy (11:45:10 PM): do you have a problem with that>
emptyyourwrists (11:45:13 PM): psh
emptyyourwrists (11:45:16 PM): i am president
emptyyourwrists (11:45:23 PM): first lady
emptyyourwrists (11:45:26 PM): you'd be lucky
earthto billy (11:45:51 PM): no, i am the president
earthto billy (11:45:52 PM): i ejected you
earthto billy (11:45:54 PM): the people have spoken
earthto billy (11:45:58 PM): dont try and argue
earthto billy (11:45:58 PM): mister
earthto billy (11:46:03 PM): you are done
earthto billy (11:46:05 PM): ejected
earthto billy (11:46:05 PM): bye bye
earthto billy (11:46:07 PM): caput
earthto billy (11:46:09 PM): adios
earthto billy (11:46:12 PM): no more
earthto billy (11:46:18 PM): hasta la vista (sp)
earthto billy (11:46:21 PM): fin
emptyyourwrists (11:46:22 PM): bah
earthto billy (11:46:22 PM): period.
emptyyourwrists (11:46:33 PM): i will not stand by while this coup occurs
earthto billy (11:46:37 PM): hahaha
emptyyourwrists (11:47:06 PM): i control the military
earthto billy (11:47:11 PM): there is no need because you hold no standing in the crew because i am the president, vice president, sec of state
emptyyourwrists (11:47:13 PM): and the tuff guys
earthto billy (11:47:13 PM): congress
earthto billy (11:47:15 PM): i am everything
emptyyourwrists (11:47:27 PM): you cant be a dictator
earthto billy (11:47:37 PM): oh yes i can
emptyyourwrists (11:47:39 PM): everyone knows girls can't be dictators
earthto billy (11:47:43 PM): everyone is scared of me
emptyyourwrists (11:47:53 PM): everyone meaning no one
earthto billy (11:47:56 PM): because i am tuff
earthto billy (11:48:03 PM): everyone meaning, shut up
earthto billy (11:48:04 PM): jerk
emptyyourwrists (11:48:08 PM): iit's the shall
earthto billy (11:48:16 PM): i will strangle you with my shawl
earthto billy (11:48:22 PM): how do you like them apples?
earthto billy (11:48:23 PM): huh?
earthto billy (11:48:28 PM): that's what i though
emptyyourwrists (11:48:39 PM): you like cds?
emptyyourwrists (11:48:58 PM): well your about to c deez fist in your face
earthto billy (11:49:09 PM): hahahahahahha
earthto billy (11:49:17 PM): gay

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

9:39AM - hahaha


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Monday, January 19, 2004

4:25PM - what now?

cutcutcutCollapse )

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2:18PM - Haha Lindsay, you tool.

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Allison likes to drink... a lot. Her and her roommate are both alcoholics and enjoy dancing in their underwear to Outkast. Allison has a fetish for fat men that jerk off over webcam, and she spends most of her time sleeping, eating, and farting.
Strengths: Being awesome
Weaknesses: Too much sex, too many drugs, and too much rock n' roll for one person to handle.
Special Skills: I am one of the three white people at my work.
Weapons: Butterfly knife. Broken beer bottles
Best moments Ever: "I wish there was a twenty four hour Chinese place... oh wait, there is! It's called China." "It's my goal to have sex with someone over 30." "I need this."

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3:59PM - hahaha holy shit


Current mood: this is so funny

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

9:10PM - yes.

fight me

Current mood: fuck yourself.

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6:08PM - Straight-up battling

xcanwestrtagainx: http://www.livejournal.com/community/uic_scenesters/

you guys lose....HARD
XGeekCoreNealX: ohhhh no
xcanwestrtagainx: i cant even tell you how much you lose
XGeekCoreNealX: hahah
xcanwestrtagainx: TAKE THAT DEPAUL!
XGeekCoreNealX: shiiit
XGeekCoreNealX: too bad ours is waaaaayyyy cooler looking
xcanwestrtagainx: haha, we made ours to look terrible
xcanwestrtagainx: thats the joke
XGeekCoreNealX: yeah nice cover up eric
xcanwestrtagainx: talk to christie. she did it.
XGeekCoreNealX: way to cover up the fact that you just aren't as "scene" as us
xcanwestrtagainx: ha, yeah right
XGeekCoreNealX: play it off like it was a jokee
xcanwestrtagainx: fuck lincoln park
xcanwestrtagainx: and depaul
xcanwestrtagainx: and YOUR SCENE
xcanwestrtagainx: YOU AINT GOT SHIT ON US!
XGeekCoreNealX: whatever dood, your name sucks so much you have to abreviate it
xcanwestrtagainx: whatever. at least we're not named after a fucking saint
XGeekCoreNealX: duh dood, he was the patron saint of all things scene
xcanwestrtagainx: NO WAY@
xcanwestrtagainx: !
xcanwestrtagainx: whatever...FAG. YOU LOSE
xcanwestrtagainx: HARD
XGeekCoreNealX: nope, your site sucks
xcanwestrtagainx: GET FUCKED
XGeekCoreNealX: DePaul was the original and still the most scene
xcanwestrtagainx: ORINIGAL!? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!??>
XGeekCoreNealX: St. Vincent DePaul: Patron Saint of all things scene
XGeekCoreNealX: BRING IT!
xcanwestrtagainx: YOURE SOOO DED!!!
XGeekCoreNealX: DePaul was scene before there even was a scene
XGeekCoreNealX: he was the o.s.
XGeekCoreNealX: original scenester
xcanwestrtagainx: TOO BAD YOURE ALL GAY!
XGeekCoreNealX: oh man eric, you had to pull the gay card didn't you
XGeekCoreNealX: that's just weak
xcanwestrtagainx: haha

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3:47PM - Oh this is hot!


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